Postpartum Depression – Homeopathic Remedies

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why do women get postpartum depression? 


When a woman is pregnant, it is well known that her body goes through an enormous amount of changes. Carrying another human being, physically expanding, and nourishing them inside the womb for 9 months is quite an undertaking. A flood of estrogen and progesterone race through the body during pregnancy. Once the baby is born, all of the hormones the mother was housing crash suddenly, and this can have some confusing mental side effects on a new mother. Due to all these circumstances, a serious depression can occur, and it is called postpartum depression. It is normal for a new mother to get the “Baby blues” right after giving birth, which is a mild depression that usually dissipates within a couple of weeks. This is the drop in hormones combined with the physical and mental shock of childbirth, which for many women, can be quite traumatizing. Lack of sleep and new responsibilities also have a significant effect on new mothers. It has been scientifically proven, that lack of sleep is dangerous to your mental and physical health, so for a new mother, lack of sleep added on top of an extreme hormone drop, puts her in a vulnerable place. Postpartum depression is a where a new mother essentially becomes so sad and depressed that it can become a crippling, long-term illness.

Is there a cure for postpartum depression?

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Postpartum depression has varying degrees for every women depending on her situation. Most severe cases are treated these days with psychotherapy, where the patient discusses their problems with a professional, or by taking prescribed antidepressants. If properly treated, a new mom could recover from postpartum depression within 6 months. In many cases, the seriousness of postpartum depression is not caught because most new moms are always exhausted, and much of the attention is focused on the new baby. Mom is often left in the background, which is why it is so important to have a support group of friends or relatives willing stay-over, clean and help care for the baby. Despite the happiness of having a new baby, this adjustment in a woman’s life can be extremely trying and signs of depression can be missed easily. Breastfeeding is something that can help if a new mom is able to. It produces oxytocin in the body, sometimes referred to as the “love drug,” which induces a feeling of contentment.

Homeopathic remedies


There are ways that new moms can break out of postpartum depression using homeopathic medicine. This is a medical philosophy that believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. It is an alternative form of medicine, usually derived from plants, herbs, animals, or minerals. One of the more popular homeopathic medicines for postpartum depression is Ignatia Amara, which comes from a seed and can help with feelings of anxiety. Sepia Officinalis, an ink that comes from a cuttlefish, is said to help new moms cope with extreme irritability. Actaea racemose, which comes from a flowering plant, can help new moms with constant crying and sadness. Coffea Cruda is made from raw coffee beans, and despite it’s origin, it can actually can help with sleeplessness since many postpartum sufferers deal with insomnia. There are also the basics of natural care for a new mother, such as getting enough sleep, eating plenty of food, preferably vegetables and protein. Eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts and salmon is highly beneficial. Essential oils either in the bath, or to inhale can enhance mood. Jasmin and clary sage are said to be great for depression. Stretching, forms of yoga, as well as meditating can be useful forms of physical recovery. Getting out of the house and socializing is crucial. Women suffering from postpartum depression tend to isolate themselves and feel as if no one understands them. Simple, natural remedies can make a surprising difference and help new moms feel like they are able to take on all the new challenges ahead.




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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma


The Dangers of Glaucoma

People worry about their health these days and it is relatively easy to understand why. After all, it seems like everyone is busier than they used to be. This increases stress levels and it leaves precious little time to do things that can help a person maintain a healthy lifestyle, not to mention finding the time to see a doctor on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are some medical conditions that can easily get out of hand without the individual that it is happening to even knowing about it. Glaucoma is one such disease. This is a disease of the eye where the pressure slowly builds behind the eyeball, effectively cutting off the optic nerve and forcing the individual into ever-increasing darkness. The reason that it is so dangerous is because it happens so gradually that most people do not even realize that it is occurring until the disease is already quite advanced. To make matters worse, many people have a tendency to ignore any subtle symptoms that do occur, often passing them off as being overly tired or something similar. In many cases, this can mean that a person is already suffering from serious symptoms before they seek out treatment. Fortunately, people can sometimes control the disease with homeopathic remedies. Below are seven different remedies that can potentially alleviate the symptoms of glaucoma, often preserving the vision of an individual for several years at a time.

Effective Homeopathic Treatments

1) Marijuana

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This is one of the most controversial homeopathic treatments, largely because it is considered an illegal substance in many states. However, there is plenty of research to go around that backs up the idea that smoking marijuana can reduce the pressure in the eyes, effectively preserving vision.

2) Ginkgo Biloba

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This is a great herbal treatment to strengthen the optic nerve. Strengthening the nerve is a key component of effective treatment so it is important that this not be overlooked.

3) Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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When it comes to homeopathic remedies, a person’s diet is a key component. Consuming a diet that is anti-inflammatory in nature can help a person who has been affected by the disease, often to the point of reducing the need for prescription medications.

4) Phosphorus


This is a fantastic remedy for someone that already has nerve damage. It does a great deal to strengthen the optic nerve and in some cases, it can even reverse a certain amount of the damage that has already occurred. It works well for someone who is already beginning to lose their sight.


5) Comocladia

This is a natural treatment that is often used to alleviate pain. Some people have virtually no symptoms when they have glaucoma while others have a great deal of pain. This is a treatment that can eliminate that problem.

6) N-acetyl- cysteine

This is another common remedy that is used to reduce inflammation. Since inflammation can sometimes cause glaucoma, it only makes sense to use something that can reduce the inflammation in order to be as healthy as possible.

7) Osmium

This is a natural remedy that helps improve vision. It is especially effective for doing so in low light situations.

The Importance of Good Health

As you can see, it is important that people take control of their health, especially when it comes to things like glaucoma. Fortunately, homeopathic treatments work very well for combating this disease. Therefore, anyone that has been told they have it and must resort to extreme solutions to control It, may be able to do exactly that with homeopathic remedies.

Why is Homeopathy Controversial?


The Reason for the Controversy

Why is homeopathy so controversial? This is a question that many people have been asking themselves for quite some time now. Some people absolutely swear by homeopathic medicine and other types of similar remedies to keep them healthy and even correct serious medical problems. On the other side of the coin, there are people that think that anyone who takes part in homeopathic remedies is naive and is not making an educated decision about the best way to take care of their body. The real answer is probably somewhere in the middle, but most people only see this particular issue from one side or the other. It seems like people are either for it or they are against it. In reality, homeopathy has a very real place in health and wellness. When you really think about it, it is much more of a cultural issue than one regarding the viability of homeopathy as a legitimate type of medical treatment.


The Medical Community

The medical community sees homeopathy as a threat. Most medical establishments and even individual doctors get a lot of perks from pharmaceutical companies. These companies want nothing to do with any type of homeopathic remedy. They are only interested in the drugs that they develop. If people start using more homeopathic treatments, they will not purchase these drugs as frequently and the pharmaceutical companies make less money. Therefore, they have a vested interest in getting people to buy the drugs that they are marketing. They are in the business to make money, above all else. Too often, this goal is put above things like patient safety and the ability to help people who really need it. They see homeopathic medicine as something that could potentially cost them money. That is the last thing they want to happen so they will do whatever they have to do to see that everyone prescribes the drug they have manufactured. This causes a number of problems, not the least of which involves physicians telling their patients that anything homeopathic is nothing more than a bunch of hype. Many patients are confused about it because they hear conflicting reports all the time. However, physicians do not get perks from companies that manufacture homeopathic treatments, so they are likely to always be on the side of the major pharmaceutical companies that have deep pockets.

The Real Truth

This cultural divide means that many people believe what they are told. They think that homeopathic medicine is anything but medicine. In fact, many people that do support these types of treatments are ridiculed, thought of as nothing more than con artists, quacks or outright fakes. The truth is, this type of treatment has been used in eastern medicine for centuries and it has been used effectively. Homeopathic medicine definitely has a place in the world. In many cases, it can treat medical conditions just as effectively as traditional western medicine, often without many of the side effects. There are times when western medicine should be used but it can almost always be used in conjunction with homeopathy. Those that refuse to recognize the viability of these treatments are doing themselves and anyone who depends on their advice a disservice.